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Race car design – Renault models

Although there are many brands competing for the title on each championship through the year, only Renault has excelled without a doubt. Find out what makes this company one of the leaders on the industry of race cars.


Renault Sport R.S. 01: a race car with a spectacular design

This company has reaffirmed its passion for automobile competitions by creating the new Renault Sport R.S. 01. This race vehicle has a spectacular style and a performance that goes beyond the norm. Its design is based on an absolute search of aerodynamic support. In this way, this model exposes in a radical way the sport DNA of the brand. If you are a real speed lover, then you have to see this motorized jewel on its full potential.

At first glance, Renault Sport R.S. 01 impresses and positions itself among the most effective race cars on the planet. From the overall silhouette to the smallest detail, every line of the design has south to meet a dual objective: to make this vehicle an icon and contribute to performance on track.

The high level features of Renault Sport R.S. 01 illustrate the richness of the brand. This particular model reflects the ability of the company to develop competition vehicles that will help to discover future car racing champions.

Latest Renault models for championships

The Renault vehicle for 2016 is a clear evolution compared with its predecessor, the Lotus F1 with Mercedes engine. Both cars were driven by Jolyon Palmer, who realized that the main improvement was made when the company replaced the motor made by Mercedes with one manufactured by this brand.

Renault Clio

After developing the most efficient programs for single-seaters, Renault Sport Technologies aims to launch a new proposal for closed-cabin racing cars. Additionally, the team has been working hard to adapt the new improvements made on the racing cars to the commercial models. In this way, the company aims to provide the regular user as well as the future champions the highest quality technology on their vehicles.